HHS Girls’ Robotics Day Helps Spread Interests for Girls in the Field of Engineering

Victor Estrella

On March 14, Hopkinton High School celebrated Girls’ Robotics Day, an event filled with engaging activities and feats of robotics engineering. Although the event provided entertainment, it also brought along a serious message as well.

“Girls’ Robotics was started to help show girls that robotics are more than just playing around with robots,” said co-organizer of Girls’ Robotics Day, junior Janvi Puri. “We really wanted to close the gender gap as Robotics is geared more towards boys.”

Many female students helped with setting up the event, showcasing the different robot exhibits and explaining the concepts of the robotics to visitors.

As engineering becomes more prominent in today’s world the demand for workers in these fields has increased, and it’s important that women not be left out of these opportunities.

“It’s about time that we help promote women for engineering and robotics,” said senior Keith Blackstock, a volunteer at the Girls’ Robotics Day. “Robotics and engineering is becoming majorly important in our country, and for the longest time we’ve been neglecting half the global population. Thanks to a shift in our culture, we’ve been opening new opportunities for women in these fields.”

Though the focus of the Girls’ Robotics Day was to help women take interest in robotics, it still had a lot of fun and interactive displays of machinery. Activities included the Sphero Obstacle Course, where you control a sphere thru an obstacle course, or the Robo Dog station, where you can train a robotic dog to listen to your commands, and the Eco Bot station, where you can help save the earth by controlling a robot to pick up plastic cups.

Girls’ Robotics Day was a day to help encourage girls to join robotics and engineering but according to Mr. Scott, the message is for all students.

“Never believe that certain areas of study are designated to either boys or girls or any group of people,” said Doug Scott, Technology/Engineering Subject Matter Leader. “Now is the time to explore your options and have fun. It is your responsibility to put provide yourself with opportunities.”