50 Days Dinner Marks the Final Stretch for Seniors

Nick Ludorf

HOPKINTON,M.A.- Hopkinton High School’s Class of 2016 Seniors took to the Abbie Benford Memorial Garden to kick off their last 50 days of classes. Student’s congregated around the garden as some finishing touches were put on it for spring. They reminisced on the previous years of high school and talked of plans for the future. As the sun set the conversation was carried into the cafeteria where Waterfresh Farms catered dinner for the class.

“I hope to make the most of the time left and spend a lot of time with people that I will start to see less of once I head off to college,” says senior Anna Bullock.

She shares the same views with many other seniors, which is evident from the seamless mixing of the social classes. Old friends shared dinner together and the seniors on the lacrosse team even set aside there unspoken beef with the baseball seniors to share a table.

“We’re all on our way out, everyone wants to go out being friendly with each other” says senior lacrosse player Jake Kelleher as he discusses post graduation plans with Stonehill Football commit Sam Lehman.

The food provided by Waterfresh Farms sweetened up the bittersweet conversation being had. The already popular breakfast spot amongst seniors was brought into the event by the senior class’s student government.

“We spared no expense kicking off the celebration of our exit from Hopkinton High,” says senior class president Austin Schofield. “The students love Waterfresh Farms, so I gave them Waterfresh Farms,” he continues, confirming that he and his cabinet have pulled out all the stops for the final stretch.

Although the Seniors are not entirely done with their academic responsibilities for the school year, it is clear that there will be lots of laughs and maybe a few tears shed over the last 50 days.