A HHS Teacher Who Runs the Extra Mile

Veronica Lee

Although most male teachers come to school each day wearing a button down shirt and dress pants, you can find this teacher proudly wearing his athletic shorts, sneakers, and t-shirt. Meet Mr. Hooker.

Michael Hooker is one of the five wellness teachers at Hopkinton High School who puts physical effort into every class period. His schedule each day consists of the classes Team Recreational Games, Personal Fitness, Advanced Strength Training, and Wellness 1.

“My schedule can be really busy sometimes,” says Hooker. “But I always try make each class period energetic and fun for my students”.

Fellow wellness teacher Mr. Miller speaks about his colleague as he says, “Although Mr. Hooker could be messy at times, he was one of the best office mates I’ve had.”

Wellness teacher Michael Hooker standing outside the wellness offices in-between class periods. Photo by Veronica Lee.
Wellness teacher Michael Hooker stands outside the wellness offices in-between class periods. Photo by Veronica Lee.

Having an office in the very back of the wellness hallway does not prevent Hooker from socializing with students. Along with many of the other wellness teachers, Hooker is often found standing outside the Athletic Center of HHS chatting with students between class periods and after school.

“Mr. Hooker is not even my teacher this semester and I still talk to him every day,” said junior Elizabeth MacDonald. “You can always find him socializing in between classes. He always has a smile on his face, saying hello to almost everyone!”

Early before school, during his free blocks, or after school, Hooker can be found working out in the Fitness Center.

“The Fitness Center is a really good resource,” says Hooker. “So I’ve incorporated a workout into my daily schedule during my lunch break.”

Hooker also has a role as the head coach for the junior girls powderpuff team. Being a coach requires arriving to 6:00 a.m. practices during the school week and on weekends, and coaching the powderpuff football game which took place on Friday, November 20.

Junior powderpuff player Haley Sinacole says, “Mr. Hooker dedicates all of his time and effort for morning and afterschool practices even though his commute is about an hour one way.”