Surveying Students: Current Favorite Apps

Surveying Students: Current Favorite Apps

Avery McKenna

Members of the HHS community share answers to the question “What is your Favorite App?”

Chloe Smith’s current favorite app is Pinterest. She enjoys this app because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. It ranges from posts of craft ideas, recipes, fashion, etc. You can customize your own profile by creating boards of certain interests, and can also browse the boards of others to see what they are interested in.


Graham Kulig, senior, explains why Vine is currently his favorite app. He likes the fact that it is an international app and keeps him connected to the international community. It is a widely used app, and Graham finds it very entertaining! He uses it everyday, thinks it’s educational, and recommends it to all. Bonus: It is absolutely free!!


Adam Correia, senior, says that his favorite app is Spotify because he can download his favorite songs and make playlists. It helps him focus in school and study at home. The cost per month is relatively cheap and he recommends it to his peers.