Student Leadership Conference at Harvard

Janvi Puri

15110751912_dc199aba0e_mArticle by Janvi Puri
Have an idea that you want to implement but you just can’t let go of? Wondering what you can do for your community (whether it be your family, friends, school, or town)? Want to be a leader but don’t know where to start? Whether you see yourself making a difference in the world in the future or you’re just curious about the organization, The Sponsr.Us Ignite 2 conference can help you be where you want to be!

Sponsr.Us Ignite is a one-day event hosted at Harvard University for high school students to learn how to launch their own initiatives. By bringing in speakers and workshop leaders to share their experiences and teach concrete skills, we’re aiming to inspire students to bring their ideas into reality. 
This fall, Sponsr.Us Ignite 2 will be held at the Harvard University Innovation Lab (i-Lab) from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 20th. Thanks to sponsors, the event is free and open to all high school students. 
Sponsr.Us is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit catalyzing student-run clubs, community service projects, and other non-profits through social fundraising and mentorship. Sponsr.Us’ unique program, which combines online crowd-fundraising as well as student and adult mentorship, aims to enable high school and college students to launch their own initiatives.”  

In the minds of most young people, meetings are seen as wasted time, endless discussion, and sleepless nights. This meeting, however, will be much more intimate and will have several workshops with current leaders in their field or school that will hold interesting discussions and activities. There will also be several guest speakers that will talk about their own initiatives and bring their inspiration to future young entrepreneurs, like you! The most important takeaway from this conference is getting to meet like-minded people and learning from the experiences of people who have their own initiatives. In order to achieve this, there will be a friendly luncheon provided by the Sponsr.Us team where you can interact with others from the greater Boston Area.

By attending this conference, you will not only gain valuable leadership skills, you will also have an idea on what you can contribute to your community.  This conference will make your role matter and welcomes your skills and interests to the table. Not only can you become part of a huge project at Sponsr.Us to benefit your community, you can change the world with passion and determination.
If you have any questions about this conference or are still wondering what this organization is about, please visit https:/ or email the organization at [email protected]
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