Jason Tau: An Aspiring Leader for The Class of 2017

Janvi Puri

By Janvi Puri
 What motivated you to run this year? Or, in other words, what inspired you to want to be elected in your position?

Jason Tau running for president for the graduating class of 2017. Photo by Leticia Namanda.
Jason Tau. Photo by Leticia Namanda.

A:  Honestly, I was unsure about running until the day I got my nomination sheet (which also happened to be the last day of sign ups). What really motivated me to try my hardest was the support I received from my friends and classmates when I asked them to sign the nomination sheet. 

Q:  What are your top three goals for the class?
:  My top three goals for this class, in no particular order, are to:  

  • Organize more dances/social events
  • Organize more competitive social activities (capture the flag, dodge ball)
  • Create fundraisers to earn more money for our class

Q: What is the biggest problem in our school in your perspective, and how would you plan to solve it?
A: The energy levels of students. Many students are tired in class and this effects learning and enthusiasm. I believe this is due to the amount of stress each student has. I can’t do much about this, but I’ll try to help as many people with homework as possible.


Q: How do you plan to set an example for future class officers, or underclassman?
A: I believe the best way to lead is by example. Helping out others and being a good person is a great way to set an example for others, and I plan to do this throughout high school. I will also try my best to be a good leader not only in student government but also in class and in school.

Q: Do you feel that one negative aspect of the High school experience is either not focused on enough, or overly observed?
A: Yes, I do. It is the stress that is put on each of the students when multiple tests and projects are all crammed into a short period of time. Being a student myself, I have already had to deal with this on multiple occasions in 9th grade, and I’m sure most other students have too. I believe more attention should be put to spreading out assignments overtime, reducing the number of “homework-free” weeks along with the number of “there’s so much homework my brain is going to explode” weeks.

Q: What kind of leadership skills do you think you will gain when you are a part of student government next year?
A: One simple skill I hope to improve on and potentially master as a leader is crucial and quick decision making, for when things go wrong. Another skill I hope to learn is how to better deal with stress as a leader.