Pep Rally Excites the Hopkinton Hillers!

Kora Sileo

This morning journalism students at Hopkinton High School reflected on some past pep rally memories.

Pep rally is an annual event held one Friday each fall at the high school, where students get an opportunity to show their school pride. Each class wears as much green as possible on the day of pep rally, and during the rally they participate in class competitions and skits. The week leading up to pep rally is spirit week, with each day consisting of a different theme. Following the Friday pep rally, there is a bonfire and a homecoming football game at night.

The period 5 journalism  class reflects on past pep rallies hoping to make this year's the best one yet.
The period 5 journalism class reflects on past pep rallies hoping to make this year’s the best one yet.
Photo by: Rachel McLean

“My freshman year some of the seniors disguised themselves as freshmen in all white and sat with us in the stands. Then, when all the other seniors came in, they stormed from the stands and had the best senior entrance that I can remember”
-Olivia Canestrari

“The pep rally moment I really remember is when I was a freshman, and all the seniors walked in. I was so FREAKED out!”
-Gabrielle Boyce

“My favorite memory of pep rally would have to be last year’s freshmen skit. Normally freshmen don’t have skits, so we kinda knew what to expect. I also loved our class entrance from H lot last year. Officer Powers escorted us up to the school with his lights flashing and everyone else cheering.”
-Cassandra Boyce

“The Senior breakdance battle when we were Freshmen was amazing, as was the entire experience that year. That or the Freshman skit our Junior year, which was good for all the wrong reasons.”
-Austin Adams

“Freshman year when I first walked in and all the seniors blocked the way, and we had to walk through the art wing because it was the first time I realized how crazy pep rally was.”
-Harrison Knight

“I loved seeing all the classes in different colors during our Freshman pep rally. The seniors looked unified wearing all black.”
-Sarah Werner

“Getting to walk to the school with all the juniors from H Lot was so fun! The class spirit was just contagious, it it was cool seeing everyone decked out in camo.”
-Mary-Paule Monks

“My favorite memory was when the seniors created a maze through the hallways when we were freshmen.”
-Amanda Karpacz

“My favorite pep rally memory is when the seniors hid in our bleachers freshmen year and jumped out, took their masks off, and ran to the floor for their senior entrance.”
-Rebekah Goldberg

“My favorite pep rally moment was the senior entrance when we were freshmen. They were so energetic and really pumped me up for the rest of the pep rally.”
-Kyle Driscoll

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