Students Gear Up for Fall Jam


Photo: Be Free performers
Be Free performers David Podorefsky, Holly Mokler, and Amanda Urlage (from left to right) prepare for the Fall Jam after school.
Photo by Gita Dandekar

By Gita Dandekar
Hopkinton students are getting ready for the Be Free club’s annual Fall Jam, an event where they are able to enjoy live music being performed by their peers, eat free food, and enjoy themselves without the use of drugs and alcohol. The Fall Jam, taking place on Saturday October 19th at the Cultural Arts Alliance, is organized by the Be Free club, whose goal is to promote a safe and substance free lifestyle for teens.

“Fall Jam is unique because it is a social opportunity for students to have fun without the use of substances,” said Be Free club president, Sophie Johnson.

Many of the performers, who are part of the Be Free club, have performed at past Fall Jams. “I have been performing since I was a freshman and it feels so good to be back again,” said club member and high school senior, David Podorefsky. “This year it is outside at the CAA and outdoor performances are always a lot more fun” he adds.

“This is my first year performing at Fall Jam,” said Hopkinton freshman Raj Dandekar. “Me and my band are excited for everyone to hear our music. It’s easier when you’re performing in front of your friends and they can give you honest feedback.”

Besides it’s “substance free” message, Fall Jam is unique because of the variety of performances.

“Jams are more diverse because there are some acoustic performances and some bands,” said club member, Amanda Urlage.

“Since it’s a jam we can use drums, unlike at the coffee houses,” adds David Podorefsky.

The evening will consist of band performances such as David Podorefsky’s band Dtodd and Raj Dandekar’s band FUZE, as well as many acoustic singers and guitar players.

“Performing is exciting but also a nervous rush,” said acoustic performer Holly Mokler. “It’s really fun once you get your jitters out.”

“It feels especially good playing original songs for everyone to hear rather than covers like most other bands,” said David Podorefsky.

Raj Dandekar and his band members also write their own songs. “We are excited for everyone to hear our new song “Give them a show,” which is about touching back on your old memories and looking to the future.”

Besides the Fall Jam, Be Free club hosts many other events to promote a substance free lifestyle.

“We have had jams, coffee houses, bonfires, comedy nights and even a dodgeball game,” said Amanda Urlage. “We mostly have music oriented events taking place outside because those are the most fun.”