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    Hopkinton Compliments

    Hopkinton Compliments raises in popularity amongst Hopkinton High School and Middle School students.
    Hopkinton Compliments rises in popularity among Hopkinton High School and Middle School students.

    By Colleen Malloy
    Many students at Hopkinton’s High School and Middle School have been acting a little kinder on Facebook these last couple weeks as the Hopkinton Compliments page gains momentum.

    Hopkinton Compliments is a Facebook page where users can send the group leaders a positive message directed at any Hopkinton student who is friends with Hopkinton Compliments on Facebook. The admins then process the compliment and post it  on the wall, stripped of the original sender’s name.

    The person who originally created this page first got the idea when her friend was raving about how her school had a page like this. “It was a great way to make someone’s day,” reflected the creators.

    “Besides just making people feel good, the purpose of Hopkinton Compliments is to get good things about people circulating,” said the page creator, who usually prefers to remain anonymous. “It’s our own way of combating cyber bullying and hurtful rumors by spreading the positive comments we have about people we may not even speak to.”

    Junior Sophie Gulden was a recipient of one of these compliments.

    Gulden said, “I felt so great…I was overwhelmed and I didn’t expect it. And I still want to know who sent it.”

    When asked about how long this page would be up, the creators answered, “Our hopes for this page are to keep it up and running for as long as possible. Activity may slow down in the summer, but we hope it picks right back up every fall. We hope to pass it down when we graduate so Hopkinton Compliments can stay a part of the newsfeeds of Hopkinton Students for a long time.”

    Hopefully the student body will continue their kindness towards others in the wake of rash of high-profile cyberbullying cases and the increasing awareness that new programs bring to the issue.

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