One More Day of Summer?

Kayla Sullivan

By Kayla Sullivan
As Columbus Day weekend approaches, HHS students start looking forward to their day off from school.  At HHS Press, we asked students what their plans are for Monday, which is forecasted to be an eighty degree and sunny day.

"I'm going to be at my New Hampshire house," said senior Nicky Stetson. Photo by Aoibhinn Rice
"I'm going to be playing ping pong with my friends," said junior Charlie Lagoy. Photo by Geoff Grady
"I'm going to Six Flags with my friend Kristen," said junior Corinne Daley. Photo by Kara Wasilauski
"I'm going to be cleaning my grandmother's house and working on my english poetry project," said senior Jamie Horrigan. Photo by Meghan Murdock
"I might be going to tour Providence College, and then I have a dentist appointment because I have a cavity! And after I have field hockey practice, " said senior Jill Finlayson. Photo by Kayla Sullivan