New Internet Craze Hits HHS

ryan mclean

HHS Senior Adrian Emrick planks two cars as part of the new internet craze 'planking'. Photo By Ryan McLean

By Ryan McLean
The latest viral internet craze, “planking”, has made it to HHS. The point of planking, typically performed by males in the 18-30 range, is to lay flat on your stomach with your head down and arms against your side, like a plank.

The popularity of planking has gone viral with the use of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, because people can immediately post their latest and greatest planking attempts.

A popular location to plank is on top of two parked cars. This creates a bridge between the two cars and adds style points to the plank without making the stunt too dangerous.

“Planking is breathtaking, the creativity and the fitness needed to find a place to plank is a challenge and entertaining, and the ability to get immediate response from the internet is awesome,” said senior Adrian Emrick.

There are many different ways to plank, as well as different opinions on the best way to do it.   Senior Adrian Emrick suggested having two people plank on a car, and having a third person plank perpendicular to them. This would greatly increase the difficulty and style points of the plank, and increase its danger factor.

The use of social networking sites to brag has created a cause for alarm, for students are always trying to out do each other and plank in more ridiculous places then the one before them. This has even resulted in death in Australia; CNN reported that a man fell seven stories to his death while trying to plank a balcony.

Here in Hopkinton the craze is just starting to kick off, but parents are already concerned about what situations students might put themselves in.  “As far as risky behaviors, there are much worse than planking in the kitchen, but between two moving cars concerns me,” stated a concerned parent, Nancy Emrick.