Student Opinions on Surprise Drug Search

Casey Rector

On May 16th, Hopkinton High School conducted their first dog search for drugs kept in lockers.  Several students were asked to share their opinion on the administration’s decision to bring in the dogs.

“I don’t know if they found anything. I think we’ve been warned. I think if you like doing that stuff, do it on your own time, but don’t bring that stuff to school,” junior Tucker Mayo stated.

Junior Tucker Mayo. Photo by Casey Rector

Some students thought the school’s drug problem could have been handled in a different way, and Junior Nellie Gross said, “I get that they’re trying to spread awareness, but there could have been a better way of doing it.”

Junior Nellie Gross. Photo by Casey Rector

Freshman Sarah McCool stated, “I do feel that it was necessary. I feel that it was a drastic measure, but showed that the school is not going to be tolerant of drug use.”

Freshman Sarah McCool. Photo by Casey Rector

Most students agreed with the administration’s decision to conduct the dog search, but junior Justin Diercks said, “I thought that it was a completely unnecessary a waste of time.”

Junior Justin Diercks. Photo by Casey Reactor

Overall, HHS students had mixed opinions on the dog search and whether or not it was a necessary.