Senior Skip Day an Overall Success

Grace Centola

Senior balcony was empty of seniors on March 18th, 2011. This was because the tradition of Senior Skip Day was planned by the 2011 senior class. Photo by Grace Centola

By Grace Centola

On Friday, March 18th, HHS appeared to be missing the majority of their seniors. The cause of this was Senior Skip Day, a tradition where the seniors in the school all plan ahead of time not to attend school on a certain day.

Mr. Sullivan, an HHS teacher whose classes consist mostly of seniors, said, “More than half of my seniors in every class I had were missing.” This was the case for many senior classes on Friday. As a result, many teachers were forced to change their lesson plan.

If students missed a planned test or other work they were held responsible for making it up. If a student was not called out absent by a parent, teachers had the option to not let them make up what they missed. Mr. Sullivan stated, “I would let my students make it up, however I would not be that pleased about it.”

Many seniors spent their day off in the 60 degree weather. Senior Liz Keefe said, “I slept in late, when I woke up I made breakfast with my friends and then we spent the rest of the day outside enjoying the beautiful day.” Overall, the day seemed to be a success for the seniors because the majority of their class participated; however, students who were not called out absent for the day by their parents or will be receiving consequences.