Question of the Week: Winter Driving Woes

Kayla Sullivan

By Tony DeMore, Allison Langh, Sean Pettepit, & Kayla Sullivan

HHS students and faculty were recently asked about their driving experiences with this winter’s extreme weather conditions.

Brian Aggerback, HHS Senior. Photo by Tony DeMore

Brian Aggerback, Senior
I’m extremely comfortable driving in the snow because I have four wheel drive, but I nearly hit a car the other day because they were in the middle of the road.  I veered into a snowbank but luckily my four wheel drive got me out of that.

Nick Marchessault, HHS Junior. Photo by Tony DeMore

Nick Marchessault, Junior
Actually, I’m really not that comfortable driving in the snow.  I actually hit a snowplow this morning and it clipped my car pretty good.

Mrs. Bright, HHS Librarian. Photo by Tony DeMore

Ms. Bright, Librarian
I am fairly confident driving in the snow, and I haven’t had any accidents involving it.  Although there are times driving to or from school when it is slippery, and that can make you uncomfortable.