New Hands-On Art History Class Coming to HHS Next Year

Caroline Devine

An example of a possible art piece that could be created by students taking the new course next year, located in the school library. Photo by Caroline Devine

By Caroline Devine
Ms. Dunn, an art teacher at HHS, and Mrs. Williams, a history teacher at HHS, are teaming up to make a new class that will be offered next year; it will be a combination of art and history.  The course, currently unnamed, will get students involved with creating art while learning about its history.

The format of the class is different than any other class currently being offered at Hopkinton High School.  When asked what would be covered in the class, Mrs. Williams said, “We are actually trying to create two courses – one for each semester.  The fall semester would focus on ancient movements in art, while the  spring semester would address more recent styles and concepts in art.  The main reason we want to work together is to combine discussions about art and the making of art.  For example, we may talk about why people made wall art from a historical and cultural perspective, then paint a mural based on those conversations.  Even the ancient art, students will find, has very modern day relevance.”

The class is going to be offered with no prerequisites, just an open mind.  So how will students be evaluated if the class is two subjects combined?  “We haven’t completely decided yet, but it will definitely involve a group art project and connecting that to the reasons why people create various types of art in the first place,” said Ms. Dunn and Mrs.Williams.

Although the details have not yet been finalized, the new hands-on art history course will be offered during the 2011-2012 school year to all grade levels.