Question of the week: Should tagging be allowed?


Tagging has been traditional on pep rally day. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores tag each other and the freshman on pep rally day at Hopkinton High School. Tagging is when someone from one class writes on a student of another class with their class color. It is done throughout the school day on before pep rally. Now spirit week is more about the tagging on pep rally day than actually showing school spirit. There have been disagreements between the faculty and students on how serious tagging is.

Brienna Vos, a senior does not see it as a major issue, “I don’t see a problem with it, as long as nobody gets hurt,” she says.

Evan Bishop, the Assistant Principal disagrees. “Tagging should not be allowed at this school, it has been this way for years now,” he explains. “It creates a negative culture and a culture of competition and harassment whether it’s done as a joke or not”

Many students think that tagging is not a major problem as long it does not hurt anyone. Nicky Stetson, a junior says “I thing tagging on people shouldn’t be banned, but you shouldn’t destroy school property.”

Even though freshmen are the major targets of tagging they do not see it as threatening or dangerous. Sonia Greene, a freshman shares the viewpoint of many upperclassmen, “I think it’s fine, there shouldn’t be a ban,” she says “I don’t feel harassed.”

Staff members disagree with the majority of students and want it to be banned. Sharon Baldwin, a teacher at the High School says “I don’t think that anything that violates anybody’s personal space should be violated.”