Mascot “Hank the Hiller” has Arrived!


Vice Principal Evan Bishop stops for a picture with Hank the Hiller before school on Friday June 11th. Photo by hhspress staff

By Adrian Emrick

There was a feeling of excitement in the air around HHS as students were cheerfully greeted by the schools new mascot.  After a rocky start, the public response was positive, with Hank the Hiller, whose name was chosen by students in a poll, receiving many high fives, hugs and pictures.  The faculty ecstatic about the mascot, and were pleased with the students surprised response to his debut.

Mrs. Geary, high school principal, said of the new mascot, “Im so excited about our new mascot. we’ve been talking about this for a long time, and this is basically the realization of a long term dream for me”

Getting endorsements from many teachers and administration members, Hank was quite the sensation this morning.  At first, students were skeptical of him, but as the morning went on, he was greeted warmly, with many stopping to take pictures with the big green hill.  A few students even gave Hank hugs, and he received many many high fives.  Everyone noticed him, many chuckled when they saw him, as they tried to figure out what he was all about.

“Hank has a bright future ahead of him, with a planned appearance at next year’s pep rally and possibly sports events”, says a source close to the project, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Judging from the response this morning, Hopkinton High School seems to have finally found their mascot.