New HS mascot to be introduced

ryan mclean

By Ryan McLean
This Friday will be a new page in Hiller history. The long awaited arrival of the new mascot Hank the Hiller will be over. “A lot of effort of both faculty and the students has gone into this project, its good to see their hard efforts rewarded,” Hopkinton High’s Principal Alyson Geary.

It is true, over the past few months countless hours have been put in by both faculty, and students. After the new mascot was approved by the administration, the suggestions for a name for the mascot were voted on by students through an integrated, interactive poll on the student run website. Hank the Hiller was chosen to be the new school mascot’s name.

Principal Geary said “As an administration, we have welcomed the idea, it has been great that we can finally have a mascot that does not promote the use of substances, and that is a face of the school for the student body to bond over,” and “My hope is that the student body, will embrace the idea of being a Hiller through their new mascot.”