Junior Class Celebrates at the Prom


By: Christian Lavoie
On May 14th ,the class of 2011 celebrated their junior Prom at the Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA. Hundreds of Hopkinton students partied on this fine evening.

Before Prom, students gathered in the Athletic Center with their dates for the Grand March while family and friends took pictures of them. After this, the students were escorted, most likely by limo, to the Prom.

Once students got to Mechanics Hall, dinner was served, and then the dance began. Senior Malcolm Cheney said, “It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends all night.”

Mostly juniors attended the Prom, but students from other classes, and schools, also went. Senior Brian Giusti, who also attended last year’s Prom, stated, “It wasn’t as good as last year because it wasn’t my Prom and not all my friends were there but I still had a lot of fun.”

After Prom, most students then went to Post-Prom party at the high school. At Post-Prom, there were plenty of activities to do like movies, a bouncy house, and a hypnotist.“The Mechanical bull was the best activity, and it was a lot of fun,” stated Cheney.

The main reason for Post-Prom is to keep people busy with fun things to do under supervision. It provided a place where students were not tempted to go out and drink after Prom.

For students, May 14, 2010 will be forever remembered as a fun and safe Prom.