Fun Festivities Planned for Soon-To-Be Graduates


By: Christian Lavoie
For the senior class, time is very important because they will be walking across the stage to graduate in about three weeks. The anticipation has been building for these students, and mixed feelings are being felt by many students about the upcoming graduation.

In the meantime, seniors will be finishing up their classes and participating in end of the year festivities.“It came so fast,” stated Senior Meghan Melina about graduation, “When I was a freshman, three years sounded so far away. It almost seems unrealistic that my time has come to graduate.”

Students will be able to take advantage of hanging out with their friends before leaving next year, during the school-sponsored end of the year festivities. These festivities include the Senior-Parent Dinner Dance, Senior Picnic, and the Senior Boat Cruise, which all take place before graduation.

“I’ve looked forward to them [senior activities] all high school, however, these activities are the last things I can do with my class as a whole,”stated Melina.

Once seniors cross the stage on June 4th in the Athletic Center, they will no longer have to live by the rules of Hopkinton High School. They will move on to new things like attending college and working.

Melina commented on how she feels HHS has prepared her for college by saying, “Some classes seemed unbearable, but I know that the skills will help me next year.”

No matter what any senior is doing next year, June 4th is a time to congratulate and honor the senior class as a whole on their hard work and a job well done.