Student Life Question of The Week: After completing over 12 years of schooling, what will you be doing at 1:50 on Wednesday, May 26?

Mady McKenna

By Mady McKenna
The class of 2010 seniors will be graduating on June 4th. Every student will be reacting differently as his or her high school days come to an end. For some, it is a landmark event that must be celebrated. For others, it is just another day in their busy lives where they will carry on with their everyday routines. Essentially, the seniors are done, no matter how they spend that first afternoon of being finished with high school.

Katie Kinney states that she “will be going to work” and that she “doesn’t have all that hype [about the last day]”.

Jenn Tate “will probably be freaking out” and she “might start crying with excitement”.

Matt Redding said, “I am definitely going to be happy that I am done with school. I’ll probably just go get lunch with my friends.”

When asked the same question, Matt Kelley exclaimed, “I am going to run around like a maniac!”

All the seniors seems to be reacting differently during their final days at Hopkinton High School. Many seniors seem preoccupied with other thoughts like that of the upcoming summer, college plans, and everything else they will face in the next stages of their lives.