A condition known as Senioritis


Video report by Joss Whittle and Nathan Clark
Article by Joss Whittle
For all four years high school students deal with panic and stress as they fight to keep good grades and prepare for college. But as their time in high school comes to a close, students succumb to an age old affliction and many students begin to slack off.

Their condition is known as Senioritis, a condition which manifests itself in high school seniors towards the end of their high school career. While Senioritis is not a medically accepted condition, it has been heavily studied by psychologists around the country.

Teachers at Hopkinton High School have said they believe the effect on this year’s senior class had been far greater than that of recent years. Physics teacher at HHS, Michael Graeber, commented “senior attendance has definitely dropped at the end of the year… the way I see it, if you begin a course, you should expect to finish that course…”

Hopkinton psychology teacher, Michael Sullivan, also commented that seniors had been skipping more often this year, saying “more people have played with attendance than I’ve ever encountered…”

Hopkinton students however, have taken a slightly different stand point on the end of their high school careers. HHS Senior, Greg Olsen, commented that he thought it (senioritis) was well earned after four years of school.

Regardless of their views on attendance, both students and teachers alike seem to agree that it might be unreasonable to have senior classes maintain the same level of intensity and rigor as earlier in the year.