Senior Assassin 2010 – Has it gone too far?


By Joss Whittle
The Senior Assassin Competition has been  a longtime end of year outlet for 12th Graders at Hopkinton High School. The game pits teams of two against one another in an enlarged rendition of the classic ‘Tom and Jerry’ chase for succession.However, in the past week there has been worry amongst planners, administrators, and the police department that the game’s ‘life’ might be at a close.

Officer Powers of the Hopkinton Police Department said, “It’s going to have to stop pretty soon… Because if one person gets hurt, then it’s just not worth, the game…”

Similarly, HHS Nurse Sarah Patterson commented that she had seen injuries related to the competition, ranging from the serious – hospital visits, to the minor – messed up hair and makeup.

HHS Vice Principal, Mr. Arienti, took a different position last week, saying that he wasn’t worried about the competition, “I’ve done stuff like that, both in college and in high school… and they’re fun…”

Despite their contradicting views, all agree that when done correctly, the game is a positive, both to school morale and the enjoyment of the students’ senior year.