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Senior Year: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Benjamin Nigrosh, Editor-In-Chief

November 19, 2017

Senior year is synonymous with change. With college applications, graduation, and career choices, it can be an extremely emotional time for those in their final semesters of high school. Many seniors take this time to reflect...

Failing Test Grades in AP Physics Boosted Through “Curving”

Justin Bouffard

November 7, 2017

Students new to the high school may be surprised to learn that in some classes, a 50% on a test can be a passing grade.  This is because of grade curves, a grading method used by more difficult courses to boost grades. “My...

Coffee Breaks Raise Money for Charities


November 18, 2009

Seniors Erika Carlson and Brenna Maguire converse while enjoying cupcakes during their class's Coffee Break. Photo taken by Matt Younis. By Matt Younis Every year around the holidays, each class gathers during advisory for ...

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