Mikayla Pucci: HHS Graduate and Current Teacher


Photo by Katie Cooper

Ms. Pucci hard at work, sitting at her desk, responding to emails from her math students during flex block.

Hopkinton High School graduate Ms. Pucci returns as a math teacher, JV volleyball, JV basketball, and Track and Field coach at the school she admires most.

Pucci attended the high school and has lived in Hopkinton since she was three years old. She was on the volleyball, basketball, and track team, and is now coaching and teaching with many of her prior teachers.

“Ms. Pucci was a pleasure to have in class several years ago in my Honors Intro to Physics class. She was a bright, hardworking, extremely nice student that obviously has brought those traits to her classroom and into her coaching,” Mr. Graeber, her freshman physics teacher, said.

Pucci graduated from Wheaton College in Norton MA and double majored in math and secondary education. She decided to teach freshman algebra at a variety of different levels.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I think it was partly because I was the oldest cousin on both sides of my family. I have always loved being a mentor and a role model,” Pucci said.

Pucci’s first year of teaching was during a hybrid year, due to the COVID pandemic. However, the endless support and sense of community she felt were the same as when she was a student.

“Ms. Pucci is a great teacher. She is super energetic and always fills the room with enthusiasm,” freshman student Blake Murphy said.

Pucci is a huge Hillers fan.

“The culture here is so incredible and was something I wanted to be a part of. This high school gave me some much when I was here, and I was able to grow so much as a student and an athlete that I wanted to help and be a part of those journeys for so many other students that are here,” Pucci said.

Pucci has had the opportunity to observe the other staff and learn from them, giving her new perspectives on several topics.

“Everyone at this school has just taught me that [teaching] is so much more than the subject. Building relationships with each student and supporting them in a variety of different ways is so important,” Pucci said.

Photo, Ms. Pucci helping her student with math.
Ms. Pucci is helping her student during flex block with her math homework. (Cooper)

The head of the math department, Mrs. Crisafulli, was one of Pucci’s past math teachers. She taught Pucci to develop structure and routine.

“Things have come full circle with Ms. Pucci. I remember her as a sweet and shy freshman, and then by the time she was a senior she really came out of her shell, especially in sports,” Crisafulli said.

Pucci did an internship at the high school, confirming that she definitely wanted to become a math teacher. She was hired right after graduation.

“It is great to see her grow in confidence and all the other areas that teaching requires. I could not think of a better more fulfilling job for her,” Mrs. Crisafulli said.

Pucci has learned so much from Mrs. Crisafulli.

“The teachers’ ability to look at things and relate it to real life is something I am trying to do as well,” Pucci said.

Pucci was involved as a student as well as a teacher. One of her big commitments now is coaching.

“I love coaching. I had such a positive experience as an athlete here,” Pucci said.

Pucci is fortunate to have students that overlap from coaching them to also teaching them.

“Especially if math is not your favorite thing, it is fun to see them in a setting that they like, on the sports court/field. A lot of my same coaches have been here and to actually work with them and learn from them is the best thing ever,” Pucci said.

Pucci’s best advice is to get involved and to be connected.

“Something I really valued with my group of friends in high school was that we were all involved in a lot of different things and we just went and supported each other. Being a fan and participating in different clubs and events are some of my best memories,” Pucci said.