Scavenger Hunt Questions Contest


Below are the scavenger hunt questions. For all the instructions/rules for winning one of the gift cards, see the last article posted (

1. Post a comment anywhere on the site.
2. What was the final score of the wrestling match on January 12?
3. Where is William Kamkwamba from? Also include the last sentence of the article (just so we know you actually read it).
4. Name at least four people who performed at the Acoustic Coffee House on December 4. (They MUST be mentioned in an hhspress article.)
5. Name three of the prizes given to winners on Bingo Night. (Hint: October 22)
6. What does “The Mystery Machine” do?
7. Name the two students who started The Red Cross Club.
8. What is Golden Pond’s goal for the future?
9. How many photos are in the slideshow that goes with the “Christmas At Fenway A Success” article?
10. Suggest one or more ways we can help promote hhspress.