Ana Tomás: The Embodiment of Involvement

Senior Ana Tomás embodies what it means to be an involved student. She is the goalie of the HHS Girls’ Varsity Soccer team and a former AP Art History student. 

Tomás was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, and moved to Hopkinton at the age of five. She started her soccer career after her cross-country move.  

“I started playing in kindergarten and then stopped because I had some asthma problems. I started up again in either third or fourth grade,” said Tomás.

Tomás punting a ball to her teammates during a match Respiratory issues didn’t stop Tomás from playing soccer for long. She went on to play for another eleven years. By seventh grade, she had joined her first club soccer team, ‘FC Boston’, now known as the ‘Scorpions.’

Tomás decided to take her talents right in front of the net. She decided to be goalie because “No one else wanted to do it, and I just found it fun. I just like throwing my body around, it feels freeing.”

The feeling of freeness is something Tomás is familiar with, especially when it comes to sketching.

“​​I like the idea that you are able to make something so realistic,” said Tomás.

In one of her most recent creations, she drew a skeleton and a human hand reaching out to one another.

This piece is a part of a collage of mini artworks depicting addiction, which is inspired by both Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette.’

Two hands almost touching. One is a skeleton and one is a human hand with a rosery wrapped around it
This specific piece asks the question is religion addiction?

But Tomás’ talents don’t end with soccer and sketching.

When it comes to social situations, Tomás knows exactly what to say. Her friends often describe her as ‘wise’, ‘trustworthy’, and ‘reliable.’

“When it comes to advice, she’s beyond her years,” Tomás’ good friend Raine Furlong said.

Being an artist, athlete, and friend may be enough for some, but not for Tomás. She aspires to be a physician assistant or civil engineer. She worked the front desk this past summer at ‘Valley Women for Women in San Tan Valley, Arizona, an OBGYN office. She has also worked as an intern for a cardiologist’s physician assistant.

Tomás goal is to live in Europe, happy and in a house with greenery. She wants to raise a family with wealth and the understanding that money isn’t something to let overtake you.