Students Share Their Favorite TV Shows


Carly Hedstrom, a senior, says “My favorite TV show is Keeping Up With the Kardashians because I’ve always loved following along the drama and everything that happens with the family. I just recently started getting interested in watching the show and I think it’s fun to see everything from a different perspective.”

John Wauters, a senior, says “My favorite television show is Prison Break because I really liked the actor Wentworth Miller. He’s a great actor. My favorite season is probably the first season because it’s the best one. I watched it with my sister Victoria, but it’s over now.”

Nick Torres, a senior, says “I don’t really like watching TV shows. I’m more of a movie guy. My favorite movie is Inception because it has a really great plot and I think it’s a super unique storyline. I like Leonardo DiCaprio and I think he does a great job acting in this movie particularly.”

Lexy Trendel, a senior, says “My favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries. I watched Vampire Diaries last summer with my sister on Netflix. I really like spending time with her and getting to watch a show together. I also like the characters in the adventurous plots. There was never a boring episode. My favorite character was probably Damon because he was a very mysterious person who had a unique identity and kept the show interesting.”

Spencer Horgan, a senior, says “My favorite TV show is Euphoria. I’m a big fan of a lot of aspects of the show. It has great acting, great cinematography, great writing. It’s a great story, kind of a “done” trope, but they take a new approach on it. So it’s very refreshing to watch and it’s a great, great show.”