Meeting . . . Emily Kimball, Class of 2024, Athlete, Philanthropist, and Artist

“Meeting…” is an ongoing series from HHS Press that features people from all parts of the high school community (inspired by the NYT Open series of the same name).

What are your pronouns?


Which class are you in?


How long have you been part of the high school?

A year and two months.

After a year and a half of partially remote schooling, where do you do schoolwork these days?

It depends because I am usually busy, so it could be on a field hockey field, inside the school, or at my house.

Tell us about a project/accomplishment/hobby/goal, in or out of school, you’ve worked on and you’re especially proud of.

Right now I’m working towards a gold award for Girl Scouts. I just started the process, but my take-action projects are a part of that.

I’ve done two take-action projects. One was a programming project, and the other was weeding the garden patches at Hopkins School. We weeded the patches out over the summer so that the kids could add rocks and replant the flowers.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I feel if you asked me something, I’ll share it with you. I’m very open with people knowing stuff about me, but usually, they don’t ask.

What is your secret to happiness?

I have a lot of hobbies. Art is my passion, so it’s more of a release if I’m very stressed. It allows me to stop and take a breather because I get stressed from a lot of stuff. It’s just fun for me.

What is your superpower?

I usually observe scenes very well. I can key in on what people are doing in a room so that if one person is more isolated from everyone else or wants to be included, I’m more likely to notice it.

Who or what inspires you?

My dad inspires me because he is very compassionate to other people. He always comes home and tells me these random stories about acts of kindness that he did, even though they’re normal for him.

One time he was in his car and these people in front of him got a flat tire. They didn’t speak English or anything, but he replaced their wheel with a spare tire that we had. They tried to thank him and pay him, but he said no.

He tells these stories normally like this happens every day.

What is your best advice for your fellow students?

I think it’s okay to get stressed and to be angry that you got a bad grade, but you have to accept it. Then you have to move on from it and do better on the next steps of what you’re hoping to achieve.

What is a part of the high school you are most excited to be a part of?

All the programs I do now that I have wanted to be a part of. Programs like robotics and field hockey are really exciting. I couldn’t do both a sport and another program at the middle school, so I’m excited to be able to do more than one thing now.

How are you feeling about the year so far?

I feel weird like this year is lucky. I have had these weird moments of coincidental luck compared to past years, where I was supposed to have something happen and then it didn’t, but it’s in my favor. That’s happened 10 times this year already, and it’s really weird.