Bladee – Exeter Mixtape Review

Justin Mak, Staff Reporter

Benjamin Thage Dag Reichwald also known as Bladee, dropped his fourth mixtape, Exeter, on April 8, 2020. Through heavy use of auto-tune, Bladee’s melodic and songwriting rewards listeners with their own interpretations and a sight into his alternate universe.


Exeter features Drain Gang member, Ecco2K. Drain Gang consists of singers/rappers Bladee, Ecco2K, Thaiboy Digital, and producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman. However, Exeter was produced entirely by Yung Gud, the Sad Boys producer. 


Bladee has previously created more depressive tracks, but on Exeter, the tracks have been more positive and pop.


Exeter’s introduction track, “MIRROR (HYMN) – INTRO”, is a highly melodic and simple lyrical track. The track can be described as looking into the night sky. Rather than heavy drums and bass, the track uses twinkling and dreamlike notes. Although Bladee uses rather repetitive phrases, the lyrics and beat connect nicely.


The second track, “WONDERLAND” featuring Ecco2k, is also highly melodic. The track is similar to having a conversation while staring at the starry night. Bladee asks questions about dreams and stories while adding that he feels like warm and pleasant weather. Ecco2k’s vocals flow and connect with Yung Gud’s psychedelic atmosphere better than Bladee. 


Ecco2k is also featured on “LOVESTORY”, the eighth track. Ecco2k’s vocals on the chorus are much lighter while Bladee’s lyrics are louder. Ecco2k also sings to match the beat’s highs and lows. Bladee and Ecco2k work together to create a “perfect” situation in a love story. Bladee describes a dreamlike date.

Overall, Bladee’s monotone voice tramples over Yung Gud’s production. The sugary beat is better utilized by Ecco2k’s lighter and more dreamlike vocals. While Exeter only features Ecco2k on two tracks, Ecco2k truly carries the mixtape with his stronger chemistry and production.