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    Mid-semester, How Do Students Feel about Their Workload?

    heavy workload
    Students have a lot of work to do. Photo taken by Oliva Eori.

    By: Olivia Eori
    Many students feel pressure about their workload as the middle of the semester passes. Tests and quizzes, in most classes, are now more frequent and predictable. Projects, both long term and short term, are due. Work in many classes is beginning to pile up on students. While it is common for all students feel this pressure at some point, is the work load too great?

    Depending on what grade a student is in and what level classes they are taking, their work load varies considerably. Freshmen, who are still adjusting to high school life, and sophomores generally tend to have more homework on a regular basis. Students taking honors classes certainly have more homework and projects than in other classes, partially because more is expected of them because they are in a higher level course. Students taking AP courses may experience pressure from tests, but not necessarily homework because grades in AP courses are primarily from test and quiz scores.   Sam Levitre, a senior at Hopkinton High School, stated that “I really don’t have much homework in my classes. In my AP courses I concentrate on studying for the tests”. Many seniors like Sam  are motivated to stay on top of their work because after a student’s application is sent out a college may check their most recent grades when deciding whether to accept or decline the student.

    Other students may have different motives for staying on top of their work. Especially for underclassmen, grades may not have any other meaning  beyond an indicator of how well they are doing in that class. Although most students would agree that the workload at Hopkinton high school is reasonable, Swati Sharma pointed out, “when I was sick for a few days I got behind on my work because the classes that I am taking move at a fast pace. Other than being sick, though, I don’t have too much work right now”. Illness is a major factor for students who feel as if they are behind on their work. Sometimes, even missing one day can mean missing notes on an entire section. For students who come down with the flu or another serious illness, catching up on work can be even more difficult because not only were assignments missed, but the student missed valuable class time. Although it is difficult to not get sick during cold and flu season, learning preventive measures could quell longer sicknesses during winter.

    Staying focused on studying and completing assignments will help students stay ahead of an ever-growing workload. While many daily distractions and after school activities can prevent students from putting extra effort into school assignments, study tips and other resources can aid students from falling behind. If students do not feel as though their average workload is too large or is taking up too much time then, they have a good grasp on time management skills– also crucial for students stay ahead. Especially as the semester progresses, it is important for students to remain focused and on top of projects and assignments, because procrastination will only lead to more pressure and stress. Even if the workload gets to be to much there are ways to keep on track and not break down.

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      Swati SharmaDec 15, 2009 at 8:13 PM

      Thanks for using my testimony, Olivia!