Chaitrali Samant: Into the World of Speech

Photo: Chaitrali Samant

Chaitrali Samant, leader and founder of the Hopkinton High School Speech Team. “No matter your interest or who you are, Speech will always find a place for you,” says Samant.

Chaitrali Samant, a sophomore, is the president of the Speech Club. She strives to bring up Speech competitions for the school to know and participate in, and reminiscences about her own experience in the world of speaking and listening.

Samant started Speech in middle school but was reluctant to keep going with it in high school.

“When my parents brought up the topic, I wasn’t interested at all, at first. But then I was like ‘hey, I actually like it so I stuck with it.’”

As of now, Samant has been doing Speech for four years, and she admits that she enjoys it a lot.

“I wasn’t always like this, I didn’t feel this way to Speech before,” said Samant, “but now that I got to experience this club to its fullest, I realized that it’s actually really fun. You get the experience and you have fun at the same time.”

Samant’s best moment was when she won the state and regional championships in eighth grade and was able to go to nationals. Although that is only half of her favorite moments while being a part of Speech.

“My best moment, truly, is also being a part of the HHS Speech Team, and helping everyone as well as being there for them when they need it.” Said Samant.

Samant believes that the most wonderful thing while attending Speech is the tournaments.

“You get to meet new people from different schools and compete while also having fun, I think that’s a win-win,” joked Samant.

While competition is also the main deal in tournaments, so are help and support.

“When you look around, you see teammates helping and supporting one another,” said Samant, “We help each other grow and I hope to see more of this in the years to come.”

Samant’s passion for Speech and her desire to share her ideas and advice with others had landed her as the position as leader of the HHS Speech Team, and its founder. Therefore, it’s relied on her to teach the newcomers and her older teammates all she knows.

“It’s a lot of responsibility,” admitted Samant, “it’s going to be tough at first because of all the new faces. But of course, as usual, it’ll get fun. This is just a challenge that needs to be overcome.”

Samant expresses her wish for more people to join the Speech Team and spread the love of Speech.

“If we get to grow this program, then great things would come. Everyone has such great potential to contribute to Speech, there’s always something for you here.”

Samant advised the newcomers to not let what people say about Speech get to them.

“Don’t worry about the competitions, it’s more than just that,” advised Samant. “You gain unconventional things in Speech. Like friends, freedom, and fluidity. Don’t let Speech intimidate you.”

Samant looks forward to seeing more new faces at the Speech Team and compares her personal experience of the Team to what was known generally about Speech.

“We’re not formal, we’re just here to compete and gain friends. You should join Speech because no matter your interest, Speech will always find a place for you.”