Fariha Fardin: Saving the Environment

Junior Fariha Fardin is a young climate and environmental activist making a change both in school and the community. She recently held a new Environmental Awareness Club meeting as vice president.

The Environmental Awareness Club is a student lead organization that makes the school aware of its carbon footprint. They also share local and statewide environmental events, such as the Sandy Beach Cleanup.

The idea of the club stemmed from Fardin and President Kelly Teitel.

Fardin and Teitel proposed the club idea to Mr. Bishop. Their first meeting after the club fair had great results “with 30-40+ people [attending]. Our turnout was very successful. The first meeting of this year was so great. It couldn’t have gone better,” Fardin said.

The environment was always one of Fardin’s main concerns and plays a major role in her life.

“Being from a third world country, the environment is a very important thing for me. It’s very near and dear to my heart because Bangladesh is going to be sinking in a few years all due to climate change.”

Fardin channels this into motivation for the club.

Fariha Fardin tapes a poster of Environmental Awareness Club’s Sandy Beach Cleanup Event with Unite after school. It was the club’s first ever event since the club began. “I’m so excited to make a change in our community,” said Fardin.

“We’re trying to achieve the goal of reducing the school’s carbon footprint. Even if we don’t achieve it, it’s totally fine, as long as we feel satisfied with the work we did and if we improved our school as a community. As a Hiller, it’s my duty to do that.”

“We’re planning on doing some field trips like climate activist activities, such as marches. We wanted to do a lobby day at the statehouse,” Fardin said.

Fardin’s actions in environmental awareness and her studies do not go unnoticed.

“Fariha works really hard, and it’s good to be around people who work hard. It makes you work harder and makes you a better person,” Alisa Stolyar said, a friend of Fardin.

Throughout Fardin’s life, she developed morals from her observations of the world, in which she upholds every day.

“I believe, if you are in this world, make it a better place because you’re living in it. If you genuinely have the heart to do something, do something good.”