Michael Giusti: Baker of the School


Giusti has a love for baking and enjoys other people’s smiles from eating his desserts.

Since July 15th, 2017, Senior Michael Giusti has taken a liking to the art of baking.

Testing out different methods of baking and cooking, he enjoys giving his desserts to the people.

Giusti’s hobby started back in his sophomore year of high school when he was watching a baking show. He wanted to learn skills so that he would be able to feed himself and give others enjoyment out of eating his baked goods.

“I saw cooking videos on youtube and I thought ‘I want to learn that,’” Giusti said

The inspiration, Giusti said, comes from “The want to eat dessert. But if I just went out and bought a dessert I would feel like I’m eating too much. But if it’s a hobby I can eat as much as I want.”

Giusti has to juggle not only school work but STEM Club and Destination Imagination. He channels his energy into his priorities first but always brings it back to baking in the end.

“I only bake when I have free time,” Giusti noted. “So only on the weekends or days where I don’t have homework.”

Giusti does not want to use his skills as a profession in the future. “I just keep it as a hobby and bake for special occasions,” He said.

He has not been baking for long but Giusti managed to win the superlative for Best Baker/Cook. His peers can also agree that he is very skilled at being a chef.

“It doesn’t really have a deeper meaning. I just bake to make myself and others happy. People just smile when they get dessert in the middle of the day,” Giusti said.