The Role Art Plays in Emily Dembinski’s Life


Gabby Thompson

Dembinski before making her way to her AP Studio Art class.

The art room harbors some of Hopkinton High School’s most prominent talent. Among that talent is senior Emily Dembinski, a current AP Studio Art student.

Receiving the Art Department Award, a Scholastic Silver Key and Honorable Mention, as well as an Art All-State Nomination, it is clear that Emily has excelled in her artwork.

“With art you can do whatever you want, and no matter what you do, it’s an experience,” Dembinski said. “It’s an escape from all the work I usually do, and you can do it pretty much anywhere.”

With Dembinski taking 4 other AP courses, it is no wonder she uses art as an escape. Even though art serves as a break in her schedule, Dembinski takes her work very seriously.

Photo: Kristin Kellenberger
Gabby Thompson
Kristin Kellenberger getting ready to teach her AP Studio Art Class.

“She is committed to the process, and she loves to make art. She’s always invested in what she’s working on to the point where it doesn’t look or feel like work,” Dembinski’s teacher and mentor Kristin Kellenberger said. “I think it’s inspiring for other artists in her class to be around her because she really sees the process through.”

AP Studio Art classmate Kyle Kauzens said of Dembinski, “She’s a great artist and being able to see all of her ideas and her projects inspires me to push myself and learn more. She adds a lot to the discussion during critique. Everything she contributes is really valuable.”

While in middle school, Dembinski began to take art more seriously. In the sixth grade, her mom signed her up for weekend painting classes. The experience sparked a passion. She has been taking art as her elective in school ever since, and has since found her niche in the art world as a painter.

Photo: Kyle Kauzens
Gabby Thompson
Kyle Kauzens reflecting on his classmate, Emily Dembinski.

While the Hopkinton High School Art Department has held weight in cultivating Dembinski to become the artist that she is today, she feels that the rest of the school generally perceives art classes as unimportant.

“I understand that our core subjects are really important, but I think a lot of people don’t take art courses seriously. I feel like people get stuck in Studio Art I, just taking the course because nothing else fits in their schedules,” Dembinski said. “It’s just saddening to me because I think art’s really important, and to encourage it is also really important, because it’s a way to be and express whatever you want.”

Kauzens echoed Dembinski’s thoughts about art’s importance, as well as the strength of the high school’s department.

“I think the art department is a talented group of teachers who are all willing to go out of their way to make sure every student gets all they can out of the art classes here at HHS,” Kauzens said. “They are all very helpful and reliable whenever looking for advice or instruction on your artwork. With that said, I definitely think more students should take advantage of the department’s expertise.”

Aside from having a talented staff, the school’s art department gives students access to a variety of professional resources. These products provide students with the materials they need to grow throughout years in the program.

“[Dembinski] came in with a pretty keen eye for composition and with some serious chops as far as painting is concerned,” Kellenberg said. “I think where she’s really grown is in her understanding of how color affects people’s experience of artwork. I also notice growth in her ability to integrate different materials and things she’s learned how to use a lot in her artwork.”

Although senior year is coming to an end for Dembinski, her passion for art will live on beyond her high school experience.

“It’s definitely something I wish to continue in college,” Dembinski said. “I haven’t decided if I will minor in it, but I will definitely be taking art classes wherever I go. It will always be a hobby of mine.”