By Luke Lukose

Staff writer

Driving is a very popular aspect for seniors at Hopkinton High School. As winter season is coming up, it is the first time that the seniors will be able to experience driving and parking in the snow.

In the next couple of months, the snow count could be increasing and for a lot of new young drivers, this could be a challenge.

Some students will definitely have some problems when it comes to parking at this time of the year. Senior Stephen Gomez shared his thoughts.

“I am a little upset that the snow plows come after we come to park in the school in the morning. I am happy they get it done early, but maybe ten minutes before everybody arrives at the school would be of better convenience,” Gomez said.  

Gomez also said  how hard it is to drive in the morning with all the traffic and snow being key factors especially when your parking spot is pretty far from the school.

This issue leads to a major problem where students start taking other parking spots.

“People are now moving their parking spots closer just because they are cold and do not feel like walking from a long distance” said senior Freeman Alfano. This is not fair because they are going against the parking spot they were given, fairly or unfairly but you can’t just take someone else’s parking spot.”  

According to a website called Moto Safety which is a gps tracker that keeps teen’s safe, says that many teenage car accidents happen during the winter time and it is key to drive safe and slow during these times.

Also according to the National Transportation Safety Board, 100 people die every day from crashes in the United States and 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes occur on snowy days.

Many students at HHS are excited but do want stay on the safe side. Senior Wyatt Elliott believes safety is key.

“Driving can be fun but you have to follow the rules and just take it slow. Especially with all the snow expected to hit this season, it’s  important to just simply drive safe”.