Ballot Question 1

Allow an additional slots license in Massachusetts

Michael A. Karlis, Editor-In-Chief


Gambling has been an ongoing controversy for years in the commonwealth since resort casinos were legalized Under the Expanded Gaming Act, passed in 2011, many controversies have arisen such as the location and number of resorts in the bay state. This year question 1 once again asks a question about gambling.

VOTE YES to allow the Gaming Commission to issue an additional slots license.

VOTE NO would introduce no change to the current gambling law.

REASONS TO SUPPORT:                                 

-Potential to create thousands of new jobs in economically challenged communities

-Increased tax revenue for the state


-Casinos and slot parlors often bring crime to areas where they are located

-An increased risk of an addiction to gambling

-Possibility of decreased home values in the area


-Hotel Mogul Steve Wynn

-Massachusetts Gaming Commision


-Governor Charlie Baker

Joe Curtatone, mayor of Somerville

-Brian Arrigo, mayor of Revere

-The Boston Globe


Anatomy and physiology teacher Andrew Couto said “overall I think it’s a question for the specific community to decide.” The community Couto is referring to is Revere which is where the new slot parlor would most likely be placed. Social Studies teacher Shannon Albury said that this is the question that she “knows least about” and also said that “it’s a much bigger deal for the people who live in Everett and Revere where the slot parlor is going to be built.” Albury said that she will “probably vote to expand because in brings in revenue for the state.”