Assistant Principal Evan Bishop Takes the Reigns as Acting Principal

Kora Sileo

Image Hopkinton HIgh School
Assistant Principal Evan Bishop took the position of Acting Principal at Hopkinton High School after Principal Michael Cournoyer began his administrative leave on September 19, 2013.

By Kora Sileo
Assistant Principal Evan Bishop was named acting principal of Hopkinton High School last Thursday, September 19, 2013 after new Principal Michael Cournoyer was placed on administrative leave by new Superintendent Cathy MacLeod for personal reasons.

According to MacLeod’s press release on September 23, 2013, she has “taken immediate steps to insure the continuation of a strong leadership team.” This team is headed by Acting Principal Bishop.

Bishop was Hopkinton High School’s interim principal last year, and the as the press release states is a “highly respected building leader.” Before taking the position of assistant principal at Hopkinton High School, Bishop was one of the school’s guidance councilors.

Photo: Administrative Assistant to the Principal Leslie Moothart
Administrative Assistant to the Principal Leslie Moothart is hard at work at her desk in the main office of Hopkinton High School. Photo by Kora Sileo

“If the high school needs an interim [principal], I am very happy that it is Mr. Bishop,” stated Leslie Moothart, who is the administrative assistant to the principal at Hopkinton High School and has worked directly with Mr. Bishop for four years.

Moothart worked with Bishop last year in his role as interim principal—a position in which “the students liked him and felt comfortable coming in to talk to him and the staff respected him.”

MacLeod also stated that Bishop is “familiar to the students.” Her priority is in “providing the best possible educational experience for all students.”

“Mr. Bishop is definitely one of my favorite assistant principal/principals I have ever had,” said senior Jasmin Dieb, a student at the high school, “He is just a very approachable person, and I think that’s the best quality a principal could have.”

Dieb continued, stating her hope of receiving her diploma from Bishop at the end of the year, but the duration of Bishop’s position as acting principal is unknown at this time.

As of September 24, 2013, Acting Principal Bishop would not comment on Principal Cournoyer’s administrative leave.