New Assistant Principal and Former Student Joshua Hanna Brings Spirit Back to Hopkinton High

Kora Sileo

Photo: Assistant Principal Josh Hanna
New Assistant Principal Joshua Hanna in his office at Hopkinton High School. By Kora Sileo

By Kora Sileo
Former Hopkinton High School graduate Joshua Hanna brings his school spirit back to Hopkinton High school this fall in his role as the new assistant principal.

As president of Hopkinton High School’s graduating class of 1995, Hanna brought immense spirit to Hopkinton during his four years of high school. He was captain of the football team his senior year, he was a big part of the school’s student council, and he was the school’s mascot: Hillerman.

“I remember him mostly at basketball games, where I remember him being more enthusiastic than any other human being, and it was all positive enthusiasm,” said Sarah Ellam, who was a freshman when Hanna was a senior.

As the school’s first Hillerman, Hanna dressed fully in Hopkinton colors and led the crowd through cheers and other methods of positive encouragement for the school basketball team.

Before Hanna entered high school, the Hopkinton school system was on the verge of losing its accreditation, so he and other townspeople joined together to fight for the school district. Hanna argued that he “knew where this school could go with the tools to succeed.”

Hanna spoke personally at town meeting in defense of the school system when he was a sophomore in college. Since then, Hanna has seen the school improve to be ranked as the 28th in the state, according to Boston Magazine’s “The Best Schools in Boston 2013.”

Photo: Asst. Principal Josh Hanna working
New Assistant Principal Joshua Hanna is busy at work during his second week on the job at Hopkinton High School. By Kora Sileo

According to guidance counselor Cheryl Elder, who was one of two class faculty advisors of Hanna’s graduating class, “[Hanna] was respected because of his love of Hopkinton and his Hiller pride.”

Hanna wishes to bring this pride back to the school in his role as assistant principal. He believes, “The traditions here are so unique and special,” and he would like to “embrace what is here and improve on it.”

Hanna very much supports the traditions that are already in place here, but he would also like students to become more involved in the community.

“We have a responsibility to go on and help others. We are lucky because we work and learn in a nice environment, but what we really need to do is to take our talents and bring them to other places,” stated Hanna, “That’s one of the many things I learned when I went to school here.”

Hanna suggested involving students in volunteer opportunities at soup kitchens in order to provide nourishment for those who are suffering from starvation in the area, for example.

According to Principal Cournoyer, Hanna’s former involvement in the school system was not a factor in his hiring, “He was clearly the best candidate.” His prior role in the school gave him a “clear enthusiasm about the school,” however.

Hanna took classes taught by several of Hopkinton High School’s current teachers, including Mrs. Lechtanski, Ms. Baldwin, Mr. King, Ms. Murphy, Mr. Shea, Mr. Mulvey, and Mr. Simoes. Combined, these teachers taught Hanna a great deal about leadership and kindness, which led him to his career choice. In fact, Mr. Simoes and former teacher and coach Mr. Hues personally recommended that Hanna pursue a career in teaching.