Senior Superlatives, from “Butterflies” to “Pests”


By Kayla Sullivan

*This name has been redacted at the request of the individual.

After much grade-wide discussion, campaigning, and two rounds of voting, the Class of 2012’s senior superlative winners have finally been chosen.  The winners were recently announced by the HHS Yearbook Club, and now Photo Club is in the process of taking pictures of each pair of winners for the yearbook.  Above is a slideshow of a few of the photos that have been taken, and below are the superlative results:

Most Artistic Male: Mason Missaggia

Most Artistic Female: Shay Forsmo

Most Musical Male: Mike Somadelis

Most Musical Female: Tess Morningstar

Best Laugh Male: Tyler DeWolfe

Best Laugh Female: Kayla Sullivan

Most Changed Male: Jesse Shea

Most Changed Female: Erynn Kane

Social Butterfly Male: Ryan Page

Social Butterfly Female: Liz Brown

Class Flirt Male: Tyler Fink

Class Flirt Female: *

Class Clown Male: Jeff Wagner

Class Clown Female: Caroline Shea

Best Dressed Male: Ryan Hamilton

Best Dressed Female: Sam Mastrangelo

Loudest Male: Connor Farrell

Loudest Female: Sophie Doherty

Teacher’s Pest Male: Ian Murphy

Teacher’s Pest Female: Lindsay Hall

Teacher’s Pet Male: Dan Genkin

Teacher’s Pet Female: Hannah Krueger

Best Smile Male: Zach Sellman

Best Smile Female: Julie Bernard

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Male: Tucker Mayo

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day Female: Eliza Carroll

Easiest to Take Home to Mom Male: Joey McNulty

Easiest to Take Home to Mom Female: Jennifer Lynds

Best All Around Male: Barrett Hanlon

Best All Around Female: Victoria Munger

Most Theatrical Male: Sam Chirco

Most Theatrical Female: Mehr Kaur

Worst Driver Male: Jason Dlugolecki

Worst Driver Female: Erika Reilly

Life of the Party Male: Andrew Johnson

Life of the Party Female: Juliana Tordella

Best Hair Male: Jonathan Lee

Best Hair Female: Natalie Mazur

Best Eyes Male: Tyler Olson

Best Eyes Female: Jordan Doherty

Most Likely to Succeed Male: Max Vumbaca

Most Likely to Succeed Female: Bevy Reynolds

Most Spirited Male: Connor Pelletier

Most Spirited Female: Tam Mills

Most Athletic Male: Mike Decina

Most Athletic Female: Alee Leteria

Born in the Wrong Decade Male: Ben Faucher

Born in the Wrong Decade Female: Samantha Thyne

Most Talkative Male: Michael Palmer

Most Talkative Female: Maddie Schneider

BFF Male: Tim O’Malley & John Schofield

BFF Female: Justine Camastro & Molly Aitken

High School Sweethearts: Courtney Shea & Anthony Hutchins

Alee Leteria and Mike Decina pose for the Most Athletic senior superlative.