Opinionated Episode 2 is out!


The second episode of Hopkinton High’s podcast, Opinionated, is here!

In the second episode, host Evanya Mathur speaks to Harvard students Taia Cheng and Raquel Coronell Uribe. While also managing the workload of the number-two ranked Ivy League, they are both contributing writers and organizers for the Harvard Crimson, the longest running collegiate newspaper.

Uribe has now recently also become the newest President, becoming the first Hispanic-American to lead the 149th Guard. Cheng is the summer coordinator of the Harvard Summer Journalism Program.

Mathur looked to ask the two about their experiences at the Harvard Crimson and their advice to HHS students about tackling high school’s many ups and downs.

Check out the link down below to hear what they have to say on high school, relationships, and their look-back on high school.