Alex Wojcik: Leading Class of 2019


Camilla Schemmel

Class of 2019 President Alex Wojcik is one of the most involved individuals in the school.

At 6:50 AM, Class President Alex Wojcik arrives at school and prepares for a long and involved days work in the variety of clubs and organizations that he leads.

As senior class president, he is extremely involved in not only his class affairs but also in a variety of other areas throughout the school.

Though he has always been very involved in his community, it has not always been to this extent. Wojcik thinks that the biggest turning point in his life occurred during his transition to high school.

“I feel like high school was a major turning point for me because now I am able to take more ownership of my activities and do the things I choose to do,” Wojcik said.

On weekdays Alex races to all of his commitments. He is the president of Investment Club, the captain of the debate team, and an officer of the club beFREE. He has also been an active member of the school’s concert band as a saxophonist all four years of his high school career.

In addition, Wojcik is also busy as vice president of National Honor Society.

Alongside his school commitments, Alex works in town with the Hopkinton Organization for Prevention, a committee which works to prevent substance abuse. He also actively participates in community service whenever and wherever possible.

In terms of life after high school, he’s currently unsure what his future has in store. His parents have both talked to him about going into management consulting because they are both in that field, but he hopes to attend business school and sort out his career from there.

“When you’re a kid, you want to be a firefighter, or an astronaut, or all these things because that’s all you’ve been exposed to. You have no idea what most people do as jobs,” Wojcik said.

In his free time, Wojcik is a big sports fan. He loves the sports in his community, Boston sports, and oddly enough, he really enjoys obscure sports. For instance, he is a big American soccer fan.

“Because it’s not necessarily the most popular and it’s becoming more popular, I find that rise to popularity really interesting,” says Wojcik.

Those who know Wojcik well know that he is secretly a major foodie. He takes on dinner like his job and often strives to order the most obscure item on the menu.

Alex hopes he has yet to have the best moment of his life but is very happy in the time he spends with his family.