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Madison McKenna; Student Photographer


October 6, 2009

Hopkinton High School senior Madison McKenna, though fairly new to photography, has already begun to make a name for herself. The winner of two Boston Globe Scholastic Gold Key Awards and other noteworthy titles in various photography contests, Mady has found her passion and pur...

2009 Student Video/Animation Festival Showcases Student Films


May 12, 2009

Stop motion animation by: Joss Whittle Article by: Craig Muscanell Last Thursday, at 6:30 pm, Hopkinton's finest animators and film fanatics shared their work with the public at the 2009 student animation and video festival. Fromテ...

Student Video/Animation Festival Deadline April 30th


April 16, 2009

All students are invited to submit their videos and animations to the 2009 Student Video/Animation Festival. Work selected to be in the festival will be shown at a public screening on the evening of May 7th. Submit films to Dan...

Over 100 photographs entered in the 2009 Student Photo Contest


April 14, 2009

By: Mady McKenna On-line gallery of winning photographs This year's photography contest was a success in the eye's of the photo club. With over 100 entries it must have been difficult for judges Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Gianino to cho...



April 12, 2009

By: Mady McKenna April 11th was WBCN's Battle of The Bands at Harper's Ferry in Allston. The 15th annual show was the second of two sponsored by WBCN, Berklee College of Music, and After Midnight Productions. Out of the origin...

Panda In A Bamboo Forest


April 2, 2009

By: Mady McKenna (Mady McKenna band photos, Ryan McLean band photos) Last Friday night, Panda In A Bamboo Forest played in the Battle of the Bands. Unfortunate for Cam Linares, Craig Muscanell, Adam Cohen, and Doug Markson, Shut Up J...

Shut Up James is Victorious


April 1, 2009

By: Rachel Gately (photos by Mady McKenna and Ryan McLean) Battle of the Bandsテつ 2009, which was held on March 27th, was certainly one to remember.テつ The music featured ranged from 90's pop cover songs to heavy metal originals.テつ Th...

Film Review : Watchmen


March 27, 2009

By Cian Rice Where to begin? My interest in Watchmen came about when I heard the controversy over the decision to turn it into a film when it had been previously deemed 'unfilmable'.テつテつ So I thought I'd read the source:...

Battle of the Bands, March 27th


March 26, 2009

By Mady McKenna Tomorrow, March 27th2009, the band Panda in a Bamboo Forest will be making their second appearance at Battle of the Bands. They will be playing in the 2009 HHS Battle of the Bands with competitors: Shut up Jame...

Honors Student Exhibit at the CAA


March 4, 2009

On Thursday, March 19th, there will be an opening at the CAA for the Honors Art Exhibit. This exhibit features work by seven Hopkinton High School students: Camille Kulig, Jaclyn Perreault, Janie Gilarde, Katie Gates, Mel LeBa...

Win a free iPod, Boston Marathon Art Competition


February 26, 2009

by Susie Johnson The BMA&DC Committee announces a call to all student artists for our Competition this year.テつ We are celebrating our 5th year and are very excited to invite each and every student to participate.テつ Hop...

Be Free Showcase, Jan 17th


January 19, 2009


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