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One More Day of Summer?

October 8, 2011

Principal Geary’s Controversial Pep Rally Decision Hits the News

Kayla Sullivan

September 24, 2011

Hopkinton High School bans class colors at pep rally: MyFoxBOSTON.com By Kayla Sullivan On Friday, September 23, following her  decision to eliminate the class colors at this year's pep rally, HHS Principal Geary's change was part of a Fox25 News report during the program's "High School Friday" feature for the Hiller football game against Medway. Although Principal Geary made it clear in her letter to parents that she believes the tradition of "tagging" t-shirts of underclassmen with markers has made the pep rally unsafe, Fox25's Erica Ricci reported Principal Geary is "eliminating a tradition that is pretty much as old as the game itself," and gathered reactions from students and parents. Fox25 interviewed attendees at Friday night's game on the subject. Most student responses aired were critical, ranging from it is "a longtime tradition" to "right of passage" that is being taken away. One parent stated, "It sucks the life out of the whole purpose of the pep rally." Another said, "She is probably doing the right thing." Fox also asked for opinions on the subject through their online poll, which states, "Hopkinton bans shirt colors to prevent unsafe practices at pep rally. Thoughts?"  At time of publishing, 93% voters ...

Underclass Departmental Awards Breakfast

Kayla Sullivan

June 9, 2011

By Kayla Sullivan On Thursday, June 9th, underclassmen who have achieved excellence in HHS departments were honored with an awards breakfast.  The awards distributed by the academic departments are as follows: English Awa...

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