Greyhound Friends Update

Greyhound Friends Update

John Buday and Jacob Glover, Visual Editor(JB) and Staff Writer(JG)

Students are shocked over recent animal cruelty charges against local dog shelter, Greyhound Friends Inc.

Louise Coleman of Greyhound Friends Inc. officially resigned from her position as Executive Director on Friday the 17th, capping off an eventful past couple weeks for the nonprofit organization since suspending its operations.

Board President Stoddard Melhado relayed the resignation on the organization’s Facebook page and also announced that longtime employee Theresa Shepard is being promoted to Kennel and Operations Manager.

“She will be responsible for managing relationships with regulatory agencies and overseeing the operations of the kennel,” Melhado said.

The news comes only weeks after the State Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) ordered Greyhound Friends to replace the nearly 15-year-old kennels used to house the shelter dogs. The questionable living conditions for the dogs were some of the main reasons behind the animal cruelty charge levied against the organization.


“The living conditions were very troublesome,” said Eloise Petruska, a former volunteer for the kennel. “The dogs have to stay in very small quarters and they don’t get a lot of time outside.” Petruska volunteered for the kennel prior to the recent renovations.

Others, like senior Greg Reimonn who built a $1,500 shed for the organization as his Eagle Scout project, are not as negative about the conditions of the kennels.

“I never saw any of that,” Reimonn said. “I also know that–just for outside information–I did read that the animal inspector in Hopkinton has never had any problems there, and that was my experience too. I do believe that if it was a bad organization, I would be happy to speak up, but I just never saw (the problem)–if it exists, I never saw it.”

Regardless of either opinion, the necessary renovations for the kennel have since been completed, according to an update on the Greyhound Friends website (See picture above).


The fate of the newly finished kennels will be decided later March 28 when the Board of Selectmen holds a public hearing to determine if the kennels are sanitary and if the kennel records are being properly maintained.


Here is the official statement from The Board on the procedures:


For those wanting to support the Greyhound Friends organization, their website allows for financial donations among other options, and you will also find plenty of fellow supporters on the nonprofit’s Facebook page.