By Sarah Glidden

Makerspace is a creative space located in the back of the library for students and teachers to use whenever they see fit. Whether it’s a school project or just a desire to create, the possibilities are endless.

The program began last year and had a lot of success when it first started. With materials like a 3D printer and sewing machines along with classic materials like paint and yarn, it is hard to resist.

“Anyone is welcome. Teachers, too, can use it if they want to put a unique twist on a class or assignment,” librarian Kristen Fournier said.

Fournier is extremely involved in Makerspace and is always looking for new ways to encourage more people to give it a shot.

“We hold workshops monthly to make people aware, and I do put stuff in the student memo,” Fournier said. “I don’t think people realize it’s there, so we like to recruit students to spread the word.”

One of those students is senior Lauren Ness.

“It’s an awesome creative space within the school where students can go during their free periods to make anything crafty,” Ness said. “People can use it to be creative, which if they don’t take an art elective, they often don’t get the chance to do.”

Art created in a elective or class is almost always graded at the end, which can tend to discourage students from taking these classes. Makerspace gives them a judgment free zone to make what they want.

Makerspace was originally located in a small room inside the library but has been moved this year to the back of the library.

“A lot of people don’t know it moved to the back of the library,” Ness said.

However, the location change is not the only new thing happening to Makerspace. There are new materials constantly being added.

“We just received a new art robot, which takes a design you create on your computer and paints it on a canvas,” Fournier said.

Fournier had the art robot out in the library last week for anyone to try and students were having a great time. It paints the picture exactly the way it looks on the computer and is also in color.

However the new art robot isn’t the only way technology can be used in makerspace. There are also circuit boards that can be used to programs other objects like cars, which you can also create in makerspace.

The possibilities are endless with makerspace, and if you aren’t sure where to start you can check out the  library Twitter or the student memo for events and workshops.