Teachers Share Opinions about Pep Rally

Brittany Power

Every fall at Hopkinton High, students are able to participate in spirit week. This week consists of themed days student’s dress up around and then ends off the week with pep rally. Pep rally is meant to unite the student body and rally up support for the school football team before their big homecoming game on friday, this year against the school’s biggest rival Holliston.

Although students may see this as the best event of the school year, teachers share many different opinions. When asked how they would describe pep rally, Liza Lyons a French teacher at the school and Renee Hilbrunner, varsity soccer coach and English teacher both said “Loud.”

“It’s too loud for me and it always seems disorganized,” said Lyons. If she could change anything about pep rally, Lyons said she would “hold it outside and perhaps have each fall sports team put on a demonstration.”

“I think that it’s fun and exciting and gives students a good opportunity to show their pride for the school together,” said Hilbrunner.

Bruce Elliot, a wellness teacher, raised safety concerns regarding pep rally and how it is a risk to put so many people into the athletic center. However, Elliot still feels that pep rally is a tradition that should continue and is a great way to bring up spirit before a big game.

Mark Sanborn, Hopkinton High School alumnus and wellness teacher, noted many similarities between pep rally today and when he was in high school. “The pep rally is pretty similar today to as it was back when I was in high school. The main objective, as it is today, was to celebrate the pride and tradition of attending Hopkinton High School. It was an exciting day with lots of music and events that brought us together as a school to celebrate,” said Sanborn.

A few key things have changed since Sanborn’s day, such as the banning of class colors and the “tagging” of freshman. Both were ended to avoid bullying and hazing and create a more positive, comfortable environment as a school.

Although not all teachers may enjoy pep rally, they all believe that it is worth keeping the tradition running through the halls of Hopkinton High for years to come because it creates a loud, spirited environment meant to encourage unity among the school.