Clay Club


Article and photographs by Jane Alexander

For the more artistic people in school, Clay Club is a relaxing, open environment where students can express themselves through different forms of sculpture. This club is different than Art Club though it is similar, Clay Club concentrates on the ceramic side of art. It has quickly become a popular club in the school. In the first few meetings this year, most students worked on projects that they had been working on in class.  A lot of the members of Clay Club are either in ceramics or have taken ceramics and have found that they really love the class. The only difference is the lack of assignments which creates a no-stress environment with no deadlines or grades. Some of the more experienced students have been teaching the newer students how to create different sculpture types that they either forgot or didn’t know how to make. Students have the freedom to make whatever they feel like in this club. There are also some projects that the club is trying to organize to do as a group. One of the major ideas for the club, is to make a large sculpture to put somewhere on the school grounds that everyone in the club could partake in. There is also a possibility that the club may be planning a field trip to an art museum. The club is organized by the student officers as well as Ms. Rainey who is the faculty advisor.  If anyone would like to participate in this club, there is a sign up sheet in Ms. Rainey’s room (C202).