Class Colors are Back!


By: Jenn Tate

Despite having originally decided to prohibit the class colors, the class advisors have decided to allow students to wear them again!

It all started last spring with the administration’s growing concern about the competition between classes on pep rally day. “Every year it seems to get more and more intense and it is difficult for teachers to teach and students to learn on this day”, explains Ms. Geary, principal, “We need to make sure that the student body stays safe and that the pep rally day does not become so unruly that someone gets hurt.” As a result, the class advisors met with some student leaders and decided that everyone would wear “Hiller Green”. The classes could still have their own logos, but the one color would unite all the classes together.

When the student body learned of the change, they were collectively displeased. “Many of us feel that although we do get a little out of hand on pep rally day and the teachers deserve the right to keep things in check, pep rally is a right of passage for seniors,” says Amanda Carbonneau, vice president of the class of 2010, “I’m not saying that we don’t go against the other grades but many of the students I’ve talked with feel like going against each other brings us together in a way. Everyone will get the chance to be the big seniors and it is very good grade bonding experience.” As a result of the students’ disappointment, the class officers asked the administration to reconsider its decision this fall. Mr. Bishop, Mr. Arienti, and Ms. Geary met with the class advisors and determined that the students could continue to wear their class colors because it is tradition in the high school and important to the students. However, the tone of the day needs to change. Instead of having competitions between the classes, the focus will be Hiller pride and competing as one against other schools. To protect the school from damage, face paint and colored hair spray will also not be allowed. In a meeting with Mr. Bishop last week, the student council agreed to abide by these rules, so the administration will allow class colors to be in effect again.

The administration’s compromise with the students will hopefully ensure that the pep rally day will be a fun and safe day that unifies everyone. However, if it is not, the administration says that it may have to reconsider the class colors again next year.