The Spectacle of Prom


By: Nicole Rumrill


Prom. This is the event that makes girls crazy even though guys don’t tend to even care. Although prom is in May, girls started preparing for it as early as in November. So much went into prom: there were the dresses, dates, and jewelry. First, the girls had to find dresses. It may sound easy, but it was actually quite the opposite. There are many styles of dresses, and the girls had to find the ones that were right for their bodies. There were long, elegant gowns; short, playful dresses; and the poofy, “eat you alive” dresses. Next came choosing the color and the design, which took hours just to find the perfect combination. Then the girls had to find jewelry and shoes to match the dress. After the outfit, people had to find dates. Some went alone, but most did bring dates. When the day of prom finally came, the girls had to rush to go get their hair done and some also got their make up done. After all of this, the students got dressed and went to take pictures. This may seem stressful but it was definitely all worth it. 

            Before attending prom, the students went to Grand March, a tradition at Hopkinton High School along with many other schools. Grand March is when everyone going to prom walks around the gym and shows off their outfits and dates. Prom king and queen are also crowned at Grand March. This year, the prom queen was Kelly O’Connor and the prom king was Tom Weaver. After Grand March, everyone going to prom got into limos or cars to leave for the Lake View Pavilion in Foxborough. After dinner, everyone started dancing. When prom ended, most people returned to the school for the post prom celebration, a time to wind down from all the excitement. Some people slept, some played games, and some ran around insanely. This year, there were blow up obstacle courses, moon bounces, and a hypnotist to entertain everyone. At five in the morning when post prom ended, many students went home and slept. Prom is a tradition that high school students look forward to. The Hopkinton students that attended this one will probably remember it for the rest of their lives.